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Photos Al Harris

Maumee model boat club


Allen Harris

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USS  Crockett,  PG-88
 A  U.S.N.  Gunboat
Built 1966-67 by Tacoma Boat Building
Displacement: 225 Tons,  Aluminum Hull,  Fiberglas Superstructure
Cruises  @  16 Knots on two Diesels,  Full Speed  @ 40+ knots on Jet Turbine.
Guns:   one 3 inch;   one 40mm;   four 50 cal. Machine Guns
                                            Features of  Model
                                       1. Lights
                                       2. Operating Searchlights
                                       3. 3 in. Gun House rotates
                                       4. Radar Antenna Rotates
                                           Sound Simulators
                                          a. 40mm Gun Firing
                                          b. Battle Alarm
                                          c. Diesel Engine
                                          d. Jet Engine
                                          e. Horn
                                 Full Hull and Deck Plating


USS HawkBill


Dumas Kit

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