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Members List

Maumee model boat club

"E" Mail links to our Officers

Rick Griffin -- Commodore

Ron Kochensparger -- Vice Commodore

Bob McCamey --Purser

John Vitaz -- Yeoman

Our current members.
 Al and Reba Harris
 Bob and Mickey McCamey---------------Purser
 Morris McPhail
 Tom and Ruth Srocznski
 Larry and Patricia Thiel -------------------Webmaster  
 Gregory Matthews
Tim Rice
Ron and Ann Kochensparger-----------Vice Commodore
Jim Konwinski & Jackie & Mary Jane
John & Marianne Vitaz-  ----- --------------Yeoman
James Disler
Terry Beeler
Don Kill
Harold Schreiber
Rick &Carolin Griffin-------------------------Commodore
Nick & Vickie Bishop
Tim Martin
Norm and Jan Spindler
Harry L. Myers
Richard Reder & Penny
Harry Myers
Humbert  Conner & Donna
Douglas Hickman
Gary Kantner and two sons
Tom Mondville and Richard Nelson   (New Members)