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Photos Bob McCamey

Maumee model boat club

Bob McCamey  is our electronics Guru. So if it goes PSSSSSST, he can usually tell you why and how to fix it.


Bob McCamey


This is Bob McCamey displaying his models at the 6th. Annual Great Lakes Scale Model Boat Show and Regatta July 15,16, 2006




Coast Guard 40 foot Utility Boat  - A Dumas Kit with a length of 35 inches, beam of 10 inches and built to a 7/8 in = 1 foot.  Used by the coast guard for general patrol activities in harbors around the country although now retired.  Model is powered by two M.A.C.K. 3150 12 volt high speed motors with aM.A.C.K P-13 prop (1 3/8") It is quite a peppy boat with excellent turning response. Can make up time at regatta from buoy to buoy.


1956 Chris-craft Continental  In 1956 Chris-Craft introduced 150 models. This 23 foot Continental is noted for her blunt nose, two toned deck, and sloped transom. This model is double planked - just like the real boats.
A Dumas Kit with a length of 34.5 inches; beam of 12 inches and built to 1/8 scale. Have used several power packages in it and are presently experimenting with an over-under M.A.C.K. motor rated at .40 gas motor turning an Octura 1240 prop.


Dauntless - 1946 sixty six foot commuter ship designed by Sparkman & Stevens for the express purpose of carrying commuters down the Hudson River into New York. Often powered with large aircraft engines and capable of speeds in excess of 50 knots.  A Dumas kit with a length of 49 1/2 inches; a beam of 14 inches; and the scale is 3/4 inch = 1 foot. The model is powered by two M.A.C.K. motors geared at 2.3 to 1 and spinning Octura 1250 props.